Monday, June 17, 2013

Off Topic: Anthony . . . who?

Salvador Dali's Temptation of St Anthony (1946) is - imho - one of his absolute masterpieces. At first sight, it shows the classic Saint tempted by the classic things, sex, power, glory, and the like. But it suffices to know Dali's themes to notice that the so-called "temptations" here sum up all of his favorite positive things: the prancing white horse (see his painting St James the Great, etc.), female beauty, Baroque architecture, the tower, the elephants, etc. While St Anthony's features recall the way in which Dalí used to depict another Antoni . . .  Gaudí! Whose life in fact was the same as a hermit's, unlike Dali's.

A friendly competition between the two great Catalan geniuses.

This anyway goes off topic only in part, since Dalí was "the last Renaissance man" . . .  like Tasso.