SiStan ChapLee

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Enter Solyman (2)

[In those pictures] you can see Italians and Germans, almost "from life," come out and raid the lands by the sea [in Turkey] and there, proving harmful to Bithynia, take away spoil and plunder; and you can see them at the feet of a mountain; then, made sadder, defending the high ruins of a high building - and Solyman who, like a frightful beast, lies in wait for them in the ancient forest.

Hairy under the skin of a lion does he appear, his eyes flashing fury, his gaze surly, with brawny limbs that make him look like one of the ungodly giants; he then elsewhere overthrows and kills and dismembers our men with his weapons dripping their blood; and you can see hundred chiefs and hundred squads stain the soil with their own blood, and make it darker.