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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Enter Solyman (6)

Suit: Richard1593

WARNING: SPOILER! In order to get a better understanding of the complex personage called Solyman, we'll have to disclose one of the final scenes in advance. On the other hand, to wait until the proper time might take years.

The noblest deed by Solyman will be his last one. As time goes by, the 'human beast' becomes "a sadder and a wiser man," while the death of his son in battle will demotivate him completely. So, when Richard in his new super-human, super-powered, luminous, flying armor reaches him for the final battle, just WHAT the readers were looking forward to (Iron Man vs Hulk), the Muslim king will let him attack without making a stand. Richard, who is a sanguine knight, cannot understand this, let alone like it, and he shouts: "What's wrong with you?! Where's the Solyman I used to know?!" Solyman's answer is one of the most extraordinary verses I've ever read: "There is nothing wrong with dying."