SiStan ChapLee

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Face to face (1)

[3: 67]

Ma se l'affetto gli occhi a voi non benda,
Né la mente v'adombra e la ragione,
Scorgerai ch'ove guerra inutil prenda
Hai di temer, non di sperar cagione:
Ché fortuna ha sua rota e sua vicenda,
Mandandoci venture hor triste hor buone:
E per troppo salir si smonta, e spesso
A l'erta cima il precipitio è presso.

" . . .  But, if affection doesn't blindfolds you all, and doesn't cloud your mind and reason, you [Godfrey] will see that, if you start a useless war, you have a ground for fear, not for hope. In fact, Fortune has her wheel and her ups and downs, and sends us now good now ill lucks; and after too much climbing, one has to descend, and often the precipice is immediately after the steep peak."