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Monday, July 29, 2013

Face to face (5)

[3: 92]

Così di messaggier fatto è nemico,
Sia fretta intempestiva o sia matura:
La ragion de le genti o l'uso antico
S'offenda o no, poco ei vi pensa o 'l cura.
Senza indugiar, va col silentio amico
De la tacita luna a l'alte mura,
Lasciando quelle d'Emäus a tergo,
E sprezzando le piume e 'l fido albergo.

So, [after the diplomatic mission has failed, Argantes] turns from messenger to enemy, be it sudden haste, or pondered; he little thinks or cares whether he may offend the right of peoples or the old customs by that. Without delay, in the friendly quiet of the silent moon, he goes towards the high walls [of Jerusalem], leaving Emmaus' walls behind, scorning both cushions(*) and the usual dwelling.

(*) literally: feathers