SiStan ChapLee

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hunter & Commander (1)

[3: 39]

Poi, quasi la vittoria allenti il corso,
Vedi fere cacciar, cacciar augelli
In lieta selva, o dove il molle dorso
Rigan d'un colle i lucidi ruscelli.
Miri Goffredo in fera pugna, e l'orso
Che di sua mano ha sanguinosi i velli;
E di sua mano ancor reciso e tronco,
L'horribil teschio รจ affisso a verde tronco.

Then, as if Victory had slowed down her running, you can now see them hunting beasts, hunting birds in a pleasant forest, or where gleaming brooks furrow(*) the soft back of a hill. You can see Godfrey fiercely wrestling, and the bear whose fur is stained with blood by his hands - and, cut and taken off by his hands, the frightening skull being stuck to a green tree.

(*) or "irrigate, water," if "rigan" is a shortened form for "irrigano"