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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Off Topic: The Diamond Age of Sci-Fi

Jules Verne, Un giornalista americano nel 2889, Rome: Edizioni Paoline, 1970. The original French title was Les voyages extraordinaires: Hier et demain. Contes et nouvelles. The Italian title, meaning "An American Journalist in [the Year] 2889," comes from the first short story included in the collection. Good translations by an unfortunately not better specified "G. d. C."

An absolute though currently unheard-of masterpiece of Verne, in which an amazing number of scientific and social 'prophecies' are told in a very bright and humorous style. Including a wonderful catastrophist story, "The Eternal Adam," possibly his only sample in this genre. Plus two interesting non-SF stories, one sad, one joyful, both with religious undertones.