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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Off Topic: The Golden Age of Sci-Fi (2)

Carlo Fruttero, Franco Lucentini (eds.), Storie di Fantamore, "Urania" N. 455, February 12, 1967. The anthology includes the following stories:

- Isaac Asimov, Playboy and the Slime God, 1965
the art of Isaac Asimov!

- Lloyd Biggle Jr., First Love, 1965
Black Lagoon, the other way round
- John Wyndham, The Eternal Eve, 1965
the first page is unforgettable
- Bob Shaw, Call Me Dumbo, 1966
appalling, wonderful
- Robert Silverberg, Eve and the 23 Adams, 1957
less funny than it may seem at first sight
- Robert F. Young, Romance in a 21st-century used-car lot, 1960
- Clark Ashton Smith, The Great God Awto, 1939
N.B. 1939