Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pride and Prejudice

A quick sketch made after spending some moments of relax in a city park. Seen with unbiased eyes, pigeons are wonderful creatures (they are dinosaurs, holy cow!): the red eyes and legs, the marbled wings, the velvet grey body, and especially that iridescent neck.

What sullies their reputation, alas, is the fact that they are 'full of shit,' in fact they also exhibit a funny attitude of 'pride' as they walk, as no less than Dante pointed out in Purgatorio 2: 124-129.

Once again, Tasso stands out with his both scientific and poetical attention to the marvels of the world, undaunted against commonplace. He describes pigeons / doves on various occasions. Here are three verses from his long poem Il Mondo Creato (5: 820-822).

E tali son le candide colombe,
A cui sì prezioso e bel monile
Fa la natura di colori e d'auro.

And such(*) are the white doves,
To which a most precious and beautiful necklace
Does Nature make, in colors and gold.

(*) That is, threatened by the birds of prey, like the species mentioned in the verses above.