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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The first World War (1)

[2: 79]

Ei che feo rivelar l'acuta lancia
Onde fu il manco lato a lui trafitto,
Hor l'arco spezzi, e ciò ch'aventa e lancia
L'Arabo e 'l Perso e 'l Siro e quel d'Eggitto,
E drizzi contra lor d'Italia e Francia
L'arme, e d'Europa, e salvi il volgo afflitto;
S'inalziam la sua lancia, e la sua croce
Per lui spieghiam contra il rubel feroce!

[Godfrey of Bouillon speaks] " . . .  May now He, who let us discover the sharp [Holy] Lance by which His left side was pierced, break the bows and all that is thrown and tossed by Arabs and Persians and Syrians and Egyptians, and move the weapons of Italy and France and whole Europe against them, and save the oppressed people - since we raise His lance, and unfold His cross for Him against fierce rebels!"

N.B. This is a hot potato, but things in Tasso are much more complex and interesting than this: this is just one side of it. Please wait for some analyses more in depth before jumping to conclusions. More talk soon: tomorrow --- and next days, and weeks, and months, and years ^__^