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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The first World War (2)

The list here provided by Godfrey is just approximate, not complete: soldiers and knights from Great Britain, Scandinavia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Sub-Saharan Africa, India, etc., are also engaged in the Crusade, on one side or the other. In Gerusalemme Liberata, even a futuristic voyage to America was described, then unfortunately cancelled in the Conquistata because 16th century readers (intellectuals) had branded it as out of place.

So, it would be right to term the First Crusade, as reshaped by Torquato Tasso, "the first world war." It may also be said to be a "clash of civilizations," and in some respects it is, but, as a matter of fact, both Christians and Muslims do not want to conquer the enemy's countries, they just fight for the control of the Holy Land. Moreover, together with the things dividing the two fronts, there are values - and non-values - that are common to both, as we will see.

The beautiful legend of the Holy Lance will be the subject matter of the next posts.