SiStan ChapLee

Monday, July 22, 2013

Time Machine (1)

[3: 52]

Avanti la gran tenda, al suolo affisse,
Gran lance i tronchi avean aurei e dipinti,
Quai porteriano a pena Hettorre, Ulisse,
Aiace, Achille e gli altri a Troia estinti.
Scudi (come l'usanza altri descrisse)
Eran sublimi in cima l'haste avinti,
In cui pinto รจ leon od orso o drago,
Delfino, aquila, cigno od altra imago.

In front of the big tent, big lances had been driven into the ground, whose trunks were golden and painted - such as even Hector, Ulysses, Ajax, Achilles and the others, killed in Troy, would hardly carry. Shields (according to a custom already described by poets) had been tied high on top of the lances; and a lion or a bear or a dragon, or dolphin, eagle, swan, or another image were portrayed on them.