SiStan ChapLee

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

. . . and translating Isaiah (1)

[4: 10]

- Sorgi, Gierusalem, co' raggi illustri,
Perch'il tuo lume e l'altrui gloria hor vene;
La gloria del Signore onde t'illustri
Nasce in te, perch'il duolo in te serene.
Ecco, dopo tanti anni e tanti lustri
Che l'ombre e le caligini terrene
I popoli coprîr ne l'Orïente,
De la gloria divina il Sol nascente.
. . .

"Rise, O Jerusalem, with shining rays,
Because your Light and the others' glory now comes;
Now the Lord's glory illuminating you
Is born in you and cheers up your sufferings.
Lo - after so many years and decades(*)
In which the earthly shadows and darkness

Covered the peoples in the East -
The rising Sun of Divine Glory!
. . ."

(*) "Lustri" literally means five-year periods. But it's simply a poetical phrase, often used by Tasso.