SiStan ChapLee

Thursday, September 5, 2013

. . . and translating Isaiah (2)

[4: 11]

Alza gli occhi dolenti e 'n torno gira:
Tutti questi per te già fûro accolti;
Tutti vengon per te, fra lor rimira
I figli tuoi de' lacci antichi sciolti:
Qual gioia havrai (se 'l vero a noi s'ispira)
Quando i popoli a te vedrai rivolti
E le genti sì fere e sì diverse,
Più che del mare l'arene, a te converse?

"Lift up your sad eyes and look all around:
All these have already gathered for you;
They all come to you - see, among them,
Your children freed from their old bounds!
How great will your joy be (if truth inspires us)
When you see the peoples heading for you
And so fierce,(*) so strange nations,
More numerous than sand, turning(**) towards you?"

(*) It may also be translated as "wild, savage."
(**) "Converse," like the verb shuv in Hebrew, means both "turning back towards" and "converting to."