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Friday, September 13, 2013

Enter Clorinda (1)

[4: 22]

Ma già Clorinda incontra a' Franchi era ita,
Lui permettendo, a la schiera avante,
E 'n altra parte, ond'è improvisa uscita,
Sta preparato a la riscossa Argante.
L'altera donna i suoi guerreri invita
Co' detti e co'l magnanimo sembiante:
- Ben con alto principio a noi convene
(Dicea) fondar de l'Asia hoggi la spene -.

But already had Clorinda gone - with his [Argantes'] permission - towards the Franks at the head of the troops; while on another side, with a sudden sortie, Argantes gets ready for a counterattack. The lofty woman calls her warriors by her words and her magnanimous countenance: "Really with a high beginning," she says, "it is up to us today to ground the hope of Asia."