SiStan ChapLee

Monday, September 16, 2013

Enter Clorinda (3)

[4: 27]

Ma già Clorinda ad incontrar l'assalto
Vien di Tancredi, e pon la lancia in resta.
Ferîrsi ambo negli elmi, e i tronchi in alto
Volâro; ed ella ignuda il viso resta,
Ché rotto a l'elmo suo, quasi d'un salto,
I duri lacci, egli l'uscìo di testa,
E le chiome dorate a l'aura sparse,
Giovene donna in duro campo apparse.

But already Clorinda comes to meet Tancred's assault, setting her lance in rest. They hit each other's helm, and high did wood splinters fly -- and she remains with her face naked as, the hard straps being broken with a jerk, the helm jumped out of her head -- and her golden hair being now loose in the air, she showed up as a young woman in the tough battlefield.