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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Enter Clorinda (7)

Tancred asks Clorinda for a 'private' duel, so he succeeds in remaining alone with her. But just as he is declaring his love, another Christian knight suddenly appears and tries to hit Clorinda. Tancred defends her by parrying the blow with his own sword . . .

[4: 36]

Ma pur ne' bianchi e teneri confini
L'eburno collo il cavalier ferille;
Fu levissima piaga, e i biondi crini
Rigati fûr da le purpuree stille,
Come l'or che di smalti o di rubini
Per man d'egregio mastro a' rai scintille.
Disdegnando Tancredi allhor si spinse
Addosso a quel villano, e 'l ferro strinse.

But nonetheless the knight did wound her ivory neck in that white, tender [exposed] part. A very light wound -- and her blond hair was streaked by purple drops, like gold shining in the sun with enamels or rubies, the work of a gifted craftsman. Then Tancred moved in disdain against that jerk, gripping his sword.

Tancred chases the "jerk," Clorinda goes back to her army. Curtain, for now.