SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here they come (2)

Meanwhile among the infidels, a man
Guarding an old tower disclosing mounts and fields
Looks at the already thin dust rising.
A big cloud seems to be printed in the air,
And the thick cloud seems to flash and burn
As if it contained flames and lightnings.
Then the radiance of the shiny metals
He recognizes, and makes out men and horses.

So he cried, "Oh, what a dust spreading
In the air I see! Oh, it looks so shining!

Quick, run to the weapons, to the defense,
To the doors, to the wall! All climb up there:
The enemy is here already!" Then, repeating

His call, "All be quick, and take your arms!
Lo, the enemy is here: look at the dust
That hides the sky in a dark fog!"