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Thursday, September 26, 2013

In the beginning was the Sword (2)

In the end, [Argantes] turns towards him [Guidon] so unexpectedly, and hits his side with such violence that the blade plunges into it, and suddenly life is taken away from the Frankish Captain. He falls; and tough stillness, iron sleep weighs on his eyes, that can hardly open now.

Three times did he open them, looking for the sweet sunbeams in the sky and trying to lift himself up on one arm; and three times did he fall again; and a dark veil overshadowed his eyes, that finally shut, weary. His limbs unravel, a deadly chill has made them stiff and covered them with sweat. -- The fierce knight did not stop over the dead man, but quickly passed by.

While not stopping to shift uphill [towards the wall of Jerusalem], Argantes turns towards the Franks and says, "O Knights, this bloodstained sword is the one your Lord despised no later than yesterday . . ."