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Monday, September 23, 2013

Your turn, Richard (1)

[4: 43-44]

. . .
E disser quei ch'in lui fissâr lo sguardo:
- Eccoti il domator d'ogni gagliardo.

Questi ha nel pregio de la spada eguali
Pochi o nessuno, e giovinetto è anchora.
Se fosser tra' nemici altri sei tali,
Tutta Soria già vinta e serva hor fora
. . .

And those [Muslims] who looked at him said, "Here's the tamer of any strong man! In his ability with the sword, he is without parallel, or nearly so, and he's still so young. If there were six like him in the enemy army, the whole Syria would already have been defeated and subjected!"

N.B. In Medieval and Renaissance parlance, "Soria" i.e. Syria meant what we now call the Near East. "Soria" was pronounced with the accent on "i," while in current Italian the word "Siria" has the accent on the first "i."