SiStan ChapLee

Thursday, October 3, 2013

In the beginning was the Sword (8)

[4: 61]

Né si darà l'assalto, onde ritorni
L'hoste con molto danno e poca gloria,
E di troppo ardimento al fin si scorni,
Di cui Riccardo pur si vanta e gloria.
Ma se non hoggi, in diece o 'n venti giorni
Con le machine havrem certa vittoria.
. . .

[Godfrey speaks] " . . .  We won't attack now, so as to have our army then come back with heavy damage and little glory, thus paying dearly(*) for this excessive boldness Richard even takes pride and glory in. But, if not today, in ten or twenty days we will enjoy full victory thanks to our machines."

(*) The verb "scornarsi" literally means to break one's horns. Cf. Dante, Inferno 9: 97. Horns as a synonym of power is an image coming from the Bible.

Gerusalemme Conquistata marks the passage from traditional chivalric battles to modern technological war. In the beginning was the Sword; in the end there will be the Machine.