SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Timber! (1)

[4: 82]

Altri i tassi e le querce percote
Che mille volte rinovâr la chioma,
E mille volte ad ogni incontro immote
L'ira de' venti han rintuzzata e doma;
Et altri impone a le stridenti rote
D'orni e di cedri l'odorata soma.
Lascian al suon de l'arme, al vario grido,
E le fere e gli augei la tana e 'l nido.

Some hit yews and oaks that had already renewed their crowns a thousand times, and a thousand times, standing still, had withstood and tamed the wrath of winds. Others load the creaking wheels with the scented weight of ash and cedar trees. At the sound of weapons, at the varying cries, wild beasts and birds leave their lairs and nests.