SiStan ChapLee

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What the hell (15)

[5: 15, Satan speaks]

Ah, non sia ver, ché non sono anco estinti
Gli spirti in voi di quel valor primiero
Quando, di ferro e d'alte fiamme cinti,
Pugnammo già contra 'l celeste impero.
Fummo (no 'l niego) allhora oppressi e vinti,
Ma non mancò virtute al gran pensiero;
E 'n questo tenebroso horror profondo
Quasi io pareggio il ciel e movo il mondo.

"Ha, anything but this! For the spirit of that ancient valor has not died out in you -- when, clad in iron and high flames, we fought against the heavenly empire. We were then (I won't deny it) crushed and defeated, but not without virtue was that great thought. And in this dark, deep horror, I do nearly match heaven, and I move the world."

The red-fonted words, as usual, indicate the places in which Tasso modified the text in comparison with Gerusalemme Liberata; see tomorrow.