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Thursday, October 17, 2013

What the hell (4)

Devilman © Go Nagai
fan art by Selkis

[5: 9, Satan speaks]

- Tartarei Numi, di seder più degni
Là sovra il sole, ond'è l'origin vostra,
Che meco già da' più felici regni
Spinse il gran caso in questa horribil chiostra;
Gli antichi miei pensieri e i feri sdegni
Noti son troppo, e l'alta impresa nostra.
Hor colui regge il sole et ogni stella,
Noi giudicati siam plebe rubbella. 

"Tartarean Gods, worthier to sit 
There, above the sun, whence your origin is; 
You who, with me, down from a happier kingdom
Did the great fall push into this horrible jail!
My early thoughts and proud disdains
Are well-known, and our high enterprise. 

Now 'he' rules the sun and every star,
And we are judged as rebel populace!"

The red-fonted words are those that have been changed with reference to the parallel text in Gerusalemme Liberata 4: 9. See tomorrow.