Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What the hell (9)

[5: 11, Satan speaks]

Né ciò gli parve assai; ma in preda a morte,
Sol per farne più danno, il Figlio ei diede:
Quel venne e ruppe le tartaree porte
E porre osò ne' regni nostri il piede,
E trarne l'alme a noi dovute in sorte
E riportarne al ciel sì ricche prede
Vincitor trïonfando, e 'n nostro scherno
L'insegne ivi spiegar del vinto inferno.

"Nor did this look enough to 'him'; but, just to cause more damage to us, he gave the Son over to death -- who came, and broke the Tartarean doors, and dared set foot in our kingdom, and draw away the souls that were due to us, and take back to heaven such a rich booty after triumphing victoriously and, to our scorn, display there the standards of defeated hell."