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Saturday, November 23, 2013

She, Armida (14)

[5: 44, Armida speaks to Godfrey]

Ma se la nostra fé varia ti move
A disprezzar forse i miei preghi honesti,
La fé c'ho certa in tua pietà mi giove;
Né dritto par ch'ella delusa hor resti.
Testimonio è quel Dio ch'a tutti è Giove
Ch'altrui più giusta aita unqua non desti.
Ma perché il tutto sappi, intento hor odi
Le mie sventure e l'altrui inique frodi.

"But if the difference between our faiths makes you perhaps despise my honest plea, may my firm trust in your pity benefit me -- nor does it seem right that it be frustrated. Witness is that God who is the Jove of all that you never helped anyone more rightly than me. But in order to know everything about it, please listen to the story of my misfortunes and my enemy's unjust frauds."