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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

She, Armida (4)

[5: 24]

Di Babilonia entro l'eccelse mura,
In sen de l'ampio Eufrate ella già nacque
D'una sirena ch'in gentil figura
Il viso e 'l petto discopria da l'acque;
E cantando d'amor ne l'aria oscura
Mille amanti invaghì, cotanto piacque;
Né sola fu, ma placide sirene
Tante non hebber mai l'onde Thirrene.

Within the high walls of Babylon
She was born, in the wide Euphrates:
Born of a gentle-looking mermaid who used
To show face and breast out of the waves;
And by singing of love in the dark air,
She charmed a thousand lovers, so much she pleased.
Nor was she alone, for not so many placid
Mermaids inhabited the Tyrrhenian Sea.