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Thursday, November 14, 2013

She, Armida (6)

[5: 30]

Dopo non molti dì l'alta donzella
Vien dove i Franchi alzate havean le tende;
A l'apparir de la beltà novella
Nasce un bisbiglio, e 'l guardo ognun v'intende,
Sì come là dove cometa o stella
Non veduta di giorno in ciel risplende;
E traggon tutti per saper chi sia
La nobil peregrina, e che desia.

Not many days later, the high young Lady
Comes where the Franks had built their tents.
At the appearance of such novel beauty,
A whispering rises, and all just look there,
Like when a comet or unseen-before
Star shines in the sky by day.
And they all flock to learn who
The noble pilgrim is -- what she may need.

This will deserve some comment more in depth (tomorrow).