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Friday, November 1, 2013

What the hell (17)

[5: 16, Satan speaks]

Ma perché più v'affreno o vi ritardo,
O miei consorti, o mia potentia e forze?
Itene pur (ché già il partirsi è tardo)
Furie, Mostri, Giganti, ognun si sforze.
Spargete il tosco e 'l foco ond'io pur ardo,
Ogn'altra fiamma che la mia s'ammorze:
Guerre e morti portate, e fame e peste,
Tenebre, horrori e turbini e tempeste.

"But why do I hold you back, or delay,
O my fellows, O my power and strength?
Go now (it's already late to leave indeed),
Furies, Monsters, Giants, do strive, all!
Spread the poison and fire burning me;
Any flame may go out, except my own.
Cause wars and deaths and hunger and plague,
Shadows, horrors, and whirlwinds and storms!"

Spawn © Todd McFarlane
fan art by dhr

Tasso : Epic = McFarlane : Comic Art