SiStan ChapLee

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What the hell (21)

[5: 18]

Non aspettâr già l'alme a Dio rubbelle
Che fosser queste voci al fin condotte;
Ma fuor volando a riveder le stelle
Già se n'uscian da la profonda notte
Come sonanti e rapide procelle
Ch'arbori, tetti, navi e sparse e rotte,
E perturbando il mar, il ciel, la terra,
Natura han mossa e gli elementi in guerra.

Nor did the spirits, rebellious against God, wait for these words to be through. But, flying outside to see the stars again, they soon came out of the deep shadows like swift, noisy storms that, scattering and breaking trees and roofs and ships, and upsetting sea and sky and earth, move Nature and the elements to war.