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Friday, December 6, 2013

She, Armida (18)

Keeping on telling her made-up story, Armida says that, after the death of her parents, she has been tutored by her uncle (as to her true uncle, the wizard Hydraotes, see previous posts. Interestingly enough, her fake story is more realistic than the true one). And his uncle would like her to get married to his son, who is this kind of guy . . . [5: 48]

Io crebbi, e crebbe il figlio, e mai né stile
Di cavalier né nobile arte apprese,
Nulla di pellegrino o di gentile
Gli piacque mai né mirò in alto o intese.
Sotto difforme aspetto animo vile
E 'n cor superbo avare voglie accese;
Villan diletto e d'honestà dispregio
I pregi fur del mio amatore egregio.

"I grew up, and so did his son -- and he never learned anything about the style of a knight or any noble activity; he never liked anything refined or gentle, nor has he ever harbored any lofty thoughts. Under deformed features, a base soul, and in a proud heart, burning greed. Rude pleasures and contempt for honesty(*): these were the qualities of my illustrious fiancé."

(*) "for virtue" in the final printed version