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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Italian Nietzsche (5)

I think that my mission (if I am allowed to speak of mission, and my mission) should be the same as the devil's in the great universe of the Lord God: To deny, to awaken, to sting, and to tempt.  . . .  I will stir you up, I will force you.  . . .  I undertake this role; I am a victim, a sort of scape-Christ. I stay in the No, in the bad No, so that others, by clinging on me, may discover new Yesses. I am the Judas of True Thought, and I accept this shame with sympathy -- I would nearly, and meanly, say: with vanity.
My duty is of the kind the "right thinkers" wouldn't accept, but they know all too well that dangerous expeditions need Räuber and bandoleros.

__Giovanni Papini, L'altra metà (1911), Foreword