Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another tragic / comic story Tasso 'would' like

Richard Corben is a master who, probably, is not well-known except in the circles of passionate comics readers and collectors (it's not like asking grandma, "What's your favorite Disney movie?" you know), and that's a pity. Now more than 70 years old, he keeps on producing wonderful art that is immediately recognizable because of his style, in which few lines can convey powerful action scenes and fully nuanced psychologies, while the lights and shadows make even caricatures look like photos.

But the plot by Jan Strnad is as important as the art with reference to Tasso. Ragemoor offers a perfectly balanced mix of action, atmospheres, humor (especially noir, and paradoxes), blood, Eros, sentiment, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, Romantic landscapes, etc. Not to speak of the ability to rework old themes -- Poe, Lovecraft, Kafka, Bram Stoker, Tristan and Isolde and the venom affair,  King Kong, District 9, etc. -- in a very palatable way. That's why, as it has already been said in these webpages, superheroes comics and the like are the direct and best heirs of Renaissance literature, that aimed at the same effects with the same narrative means.