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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OK, guys, now stop with this bu****it

1944 was the 400° anniversary of Torquato's Tasso birth. For the occasion, in Italy, a special edition of his juvenile and successful "pastoral comedy" Aminta was published. And in the Introduction, we can read:

Gerusalemme Conquistata furnishes proof of the toilsome, unhappy epilogue of the poetical experience of the Man, who has chosen, by now, the path of renunciation, and only turns his gaze towards Heaven.
Now, this really "furnishes proof" of the total, ineradicable arrogance and silliness of Italian scholarship, who have been pontificating on Tasso's poem for centuries without even taking the trouble to read it, being too occupied with licking the shoes of their Lords Protector. A story full of groundbreaking culture, and full of violence and blood like a shoot-'em-up videogame, as well as sex, both hetero and homo, . . .  "the path of renunciation"? "only turns his gaze towards Heaven"? Yeah, the controversy appears here not for the first time, and this won't possibly be the last time. Hasta la victoria.