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Friday, March 14, 2014

Summary of the previous episodes

[6: 1]

Mentre in tal guisa i cavalieri alletta
Ne l'amor suo l'insidïosa Armida,
Né solo i diece a lei promessi aspetta
Ma di seco menarne altri confida,
Volge tra sé Goffredo a qual commetta
La dubbia impresa più secura guida;
Ché di tanti guerrier la copia e 'l merto
E 'l desir di ciascuno il fanno incerto. 

While the insidious Armida allures the knights with the bonds of her love like that, expecting to drag not only the ten who have been promised to her [as an aid] but others too, Godfrey ponders on whom to choose as the best leader for that dubious enterprise, for the number and merits of so many warriors, as well as the desire of all of them, make him hesitate.