Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Guest: Puddleglum

From: CS Lewis' The Silver Chair (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The quote: "Well, I don't know that you'd call it help. I don't know that anyone can exactly help. It stands to reason we're not likely to get very far on a journey to the north, not at this time of the year, with the winter coming on soon and all. And an early winter too, by the look of things. But you mustn't let that make you down-hearted. Very likely, what with enemies, and mountains, and rivers to cross, and losing our way, and next to nothing to eat, and sore feet, we'll hardly notice the weather. And if we don't get far enough to do any good, we may get far enough not to get back in a hurry."

The guy: Puddleglum is one of the best character ever created by Lewis. And a true hero, in spite -- or rather, just because -- of the way he put things.