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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Never mess with Vikings (3)

[6: 21]

Ma 'l barbaro Signor, che sol misura
Quanto il proprio valor oltra si stenda,
E per sé stima ogni virtude oscura
Cui titolo regal chiara non renda,
Non può soffrir ch'in ciò ch'egli procura
Seco di merto il cavalier contenda;
E se n'adira sì ch'a l'ira ei porre
Non pote il freno, e 'l suo furor trascorre.

But the barbarian Lord, (*) who only sees
How much farther his own valor reaches,
And deems all virtue, as such, worthless
When not made glorious by a royal title,
Cannot stand that, in an enterprise he asks
For himself as a merit, (**) this Knight (***) competes;
And he gets so angry that he cannot curb
His wrath -- and his fury overflows.

(*) Gernand
(**) to become the Captain of the mercenary troops
(***) Richard