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Monday, April 7, 2014

Off Topic: Big Robot Strikes Back

Alberico Motta, Big Robot: La minaccia di Orkus, Bologna, IT: Kappalab, 2012, pages 192, euros 7.90

The comic strips here collected were originally published in Italy in 1980-81. The characters clearly draw on Go Nagai's Mazingers, Grendizer ( = Goldorak = Goldrake) and Kotetsu Jeeg Robot, but here aliens try to invade the Earth after it has been almost completely spoiled by a nuclear war. And once in a while, the armies of the cruel galactic Emperor, Orkus, are not interested in our planet at all: they just want a super-powered little girl, Alya, who landed on Earth by chance. The stories provide a special mix of humor, heroic battles, and sadness.

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