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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rebel With a Cause (7)

[6: 42] Berserkr!

Ma per le voci altrui già non s'allenta
Ne l'offeso guerrier l'impeto e l'ira;
Sprezza i gridi e gli schermi e ciò che tenta
Chiuderli il varco, et a vendetta aspira;
E fra gli huomini e l'arme oltre s'aventa,
E la fulminea spada intorno gira,
Sì che le vie si sgombra e rompe il cerchio
E, solo, al suo nemico ei par soverchio.

But so many voices together will not calm
The impetus and wrath of the offended warrior(*).
He ignores cries and defences and anything
Trying to stop him, he just seeks revenge;
He now breaks through men and weapons
And whirls his sword as fast as lightning,
Until he clears the way and breaks the 'siege' --
Though one, he seems to be too much to his enemy.

(*) Richard, against Gernand