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Friday, May 30, 2014

Under accusation (1)

[6: 45]

N.B. Starting from this point, the events in Gerusalemme Conquistata will progressively develop otherwise than in the parallel episodes in Gerusalemme Liberata (Jerusalem Delivered).

Tratto al romore il pio Goffredo intanto,
Vede tumulto, horror, lutto improviso,
Steso Gernando, il crin di sangue e 'l manto
Asperso e molle, e pien di morte il viso.
Ode i sospiri e le querele e 'l pianto
Che molti fan sopra il guerriero ucciso.
E chiede: - In questo loco ove men lece,
Ahi, chi osò cotanto e tanto fece? -

Meanwhile, attracted by the noise, the righteous(*) Godfrey comes and witnesses uproar, horror, sudden grief; he sees Gernand lying on the ground, his hair and cloak soaked with blood, his face showing the marks of death. He hears the sighs and mourning and cry of many on the knight who has been killed, and asks, "In this place where it was most forbidden, alas, who dared do this?"

(*) Literally "pious," but in the Virgilian sense of the pius Aeneas.