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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coup de théâtre (2)

[6: 54, Richard speaks]

- Signor, la sua follia Gernando estinse,
Non colpa mia, cheché l'huom pensi o parli;
Me 'l suo furor, me l'honor mio costrinse,
Né quel ch'egli cercò potei negargli.
S'altri poi la menzogna ornando finse,
Né dei tu fede alcuna o speme darli:
Ch'io sosterrò ch'è mentitor fallace
In questo campo ove colui si giace -.

"My Lord, Gernand was killed by his own folly,
By no fault of mine, whatever one may think or say;
His fury as well as my honor did force me,
And I could not deny him what he looked for.
If someone here builds and embellishes lies,
You(*) shouldn't believe him or give him hope,
For I will defend(**) that he is a deceptive liar,
Right here, where that guy already lies dead."

(*) singular: Godfrey
(**) in a duel

N.B. The pun based on the two meanings of "lying" only exists in English.