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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Guest: Fledge

From: CS Lewis' The Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia)

The quote: "My dear," said Aslan to the Horse, "would you like to be a winged horse?"
You should have seen how the Horse shook its mane and how its nostrils widened, and the little tap it gave the ground with one back hoof. Clearly it would very much like to be a winged horse. But it only said:
"If you wish, Aslan -- if you really mean -- I don't know why it should be me -- I'm not a very clever horse."
"Be winged. Be the father of all flying horses," roared Aslan in a voice that shook the ground. "Your name is Fledge."

Horse Power: The symbolical meaning of the horse had been shown by Lewis in The Great Divorce, and that of the winged horse in Mere Christianity. But here, quite incredibly, Aslan 'lies,' as we won't see any other flying horse in Narnia.