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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A fine reward! (1)

[6: 65]

Così disse ei, né 'l suo parlar sofferse
Più lungamente il cavalier feroce:
- E chi sì pronto (soggiungea) s'offerse
Al cenno suo, senza aspettar la voce,
Incontra genti armene, assirie e perse,
E 'n ogni parte ove spiegò la Croce?
Di ciò m'accusa e più d'altro si sdegna,
Né par che mia buona opra a lui sovvegna.

So spoke Godfrey. The fierce knight (Richard) could not stand his words any longer: "Who else," he replied, "has ever been so ready to obey his(*) signals, without waiting for his voice, against Armenian, (**) and Assyrian, and Persian peoples, and anywhere he unfolded the Cross flag? But now he blames me for doing so, indignant more than any other, and none of my good deeds seems to come back to his mind! . . ."

(*) Godfrey's
(**) As in the manuscript; they will become "Lydian" in the printed version. Tasso probably remembered, or was reminded by his editor, that the Armenians were Christians.

 * * *

Dear friends, in the purest Italian tradition, according to which August if often the time of vacation, or at least of slowing down (web) activities, in the following month this blog will provide posts only twice a week:

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