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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Highlander (4)

[6: 62-63, John speaks]

"Listen (Godfrey), the first in honor and power, you, who rule many undefeated peoples from all over the world: Insofar as your dignity exceeds all others, all the more so should you exert leniency. And you (Richard), so full of juvenile boldness, whose hand is too quick and whose wrath too burning, do not dispute with him, because no King ever had a juster or worthier scepter or reign than him.

Even if your strength cannot be matched by any other man among those who crossed seas and mountains, you also have the duty to obey him as the other Chiefs do. No warring power will ever make one's glory raise higher towards Heaven.  Obedience, not insane rage, will exalt a good warrior in the battlefield up to the upper ranks."