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Friday, July 25, 2014

Highlander (5)

[6: 64]

The reactions to John's 'much experienced' counseling. Godfrey of Bouillon first:

Tacque, e rivolto a lui dicea Goffredo:
- O d'etate e d'honore a tutti padre,
Che tu habbi detto il vero a te concedo;
Ma questo, vago sol d'opre leggiadre,
Tinto del sangue pio con gli occhi hor vedo,
E 'l vidi spesso conturbar le squadre.
Hor la prigione ricusa, anzi il perdono,
E gloria de le colpe aspetta, e dono -.

He stopped talking. Godfrey addressed him and said, "O father of us all by virtue of your age and honor, I won't deny that you told the truth. BUT this fellow [Richard], who only longs for 'noble' deeds, I here see stained with the blood of a just man, and I have often seen him upset the ranks. Now he rejects the jail, and even my forgiveness, expecting to receive glory and a reward for his faults!"