SiStan ChapLee

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lethal Weapon (1)

[6: 73]

Ciò detto, l'arme chiede, e 'l capo e 'l busto
Di finissimo acciaio adorno ei rende,
E 'n sembiante magnanimo et augusto,
Come folgore suol, riluce e splende;
Né grave di quel peso, o 'n parte onusto,
La sua fatale spada al fianco appende:
Quella ond'apriva il genitor Guglielmo
Dal forte braccio ogni lorica et elmo.

. . .
He says, then asks for his weapons, adorning
His head and chest with the finest steel,
And, with a magnanimous and kingly look,
He now shines and blazes like lightning;
Not burdened by that weight, not even in part,
He girds on his fatal sword -- the very one
By which his father, William the Strong-Armed,
Used to crack open any armor and helm.