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Monday, September 29, 2014

The fine side of mental hospitals

Torquato Tasso spent seven years in the St. Anne Asylum in Ferrara as a punishment for being politically dangerous. Another former mental hospital, that of Santa Maria della Pietà (St Mary of Pity) in Rome, has been the subject of a photography contest launched by the Municipality in order to focus the citizens' attention on the surrounding Park, that would deserve to be better known and enjoyed. The panel of judges was headed by the professional photographer Marco Delogu. And the winner was . . .  our old friend, the psychologist and photographer Laura Spizzichino with the picture here above, in spite -- and this is another remarkable detail -- of the small number of "+1's" she had received by the visitors of the online gallery. She was awarded the prize just yesterday: congratulations, and keep up with the good work!