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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What are friends for (1)

[6: 68]

Ma poi che le sentenze e i detti accolse
Tancredi, più fra lor non si ritenne,
Ma spronando un destrier, subito volse
In guisa tal che parve haver le penne.
Riccardo, poi ch'irato indi si tolse,
Pensoso e tardo al caro albergo venne;
Qui Tancredi trovollo, e qui solingo.
- Di molte cose (dice) un fascio io stringo.

When Tancred listened to all those words and opinions, he did not tarry there, but, spurring a steed, he immediately ran away, so fast that he seemed to be winged. Richard, after having left in anger, had reached his own(*) billet, slowly and thoughtfully. Tancred found him right there, alone, and said, "I will tie many things in a bundle(**) . . ."

(*) Literally, "dear," with a Greek phrase; cf. "Tell me the dear name," that is, your name.
(**) Quoting from Petrarca's Triumphus Fam[a]e, "The Triumph of Fame."