SiStan ChapLee

Friday, September 12, 2014

What are friends for (2)

[6: 69]

Sarà lo sdegno e sarà l'ira eterna
S'a te perdon si niega, altrui la pace.
Ma benché in parte troppo ascosa e 'nterna
Il pensier de' mortali occulto giace,
Pur ardisco affermar (a quel ch'io scerna):
Il Duce pio, che non s'infinge o tace
La sua somma giustitia, hor the soggetto,
Non morto vuole, e 'n sua prigion ristretto -.

[Tancred speaks to Richard:] ". . .  It will bring about a never-ending scorn and wrath, if pardon is denied you, and peace to all others. But even though the thoughts of mortals lie hidden too deep, I dare affirm, as far as I can see: The pious Captain [Godfrey], who does not feign, and does not conceal his lofty justice, now wants you subdued, not dead, as a prisoner in his jails."