SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A temporary farewell to arms (6)

[6: 83, Richard speaks]

Ma restar non m'è dato e non mi lice,
Né condur meco voi nel grave essiglio.
E prego che reggiate ambo in mia vice
Le genti che Lucia promette al figlio;
E 'n più nobile impresa e più felice
Vittoria habbiate: io cerco altro periglio,
Né so quel ch'averrà di rischio in rischio,
O se Fortuna pur m'attende al vischio.

"But it is not granted me to stay, nor can I --
Nor(*) to bring you with me in my sad exile.
I ask you both, please, to rule in my place
The people that Lucy(**) promised her son.
May you be the winners in a nobler
And happier enterprise: I take another risk,
Ignoring what will happen in so many chances,
Or whether Fortune waits for me with birdlime."

(*) In the final printed version, was changed into the preposition di, so that the sentence is plainer: "But staying is not granted me, nor can I bring you with me . . ."
(**) His mother, who will pop up in the final part of the poem -- and, quite unexpectedly, in a sci-fi context.